Jun 19, 2009

Quilted Orphan Block Placemats

Orphan blocks = Individual blocks that haven't found a home or a place in a project.
Do you have a stash of orphan blocks? I do. I thought of a way to use them. Make placemats. I don't think it matters if there aren't two of a kind. I haven't tried this yet but I hope to soon. Here are some figures to use. If your orphan block measures 12 1/2" square unfinished add a cut 3 1/2" wide border to each side of it. The picture of my Thunderbird placemat shows how I used side borders.
If your orphan block measures anywhere from 6" to 9" you can add strips around the block till you create the desired size needed. There would have to be more strips on the sides than the top and bottom to end up with a rectangle. This would give it a nice scrappy look. A good size for placemats are from 12" x 16" to 13" x 19". Other options for one of a kind placemats. Use it in place of a doily. How about setting it on the back of a chair?
How many ways can you think of to use these placemats? Have fun and thanks for visiting.