Jan 10, 2011

Sharing Tips

I've done one wool applique and found that I could really get hooked on it. I just read somewhere that to keep the wool applique pieces in place you can put a small piece of fusible webbing on the back and fuse them in place. I'll call it fusible basting. I love that I don't have to worry about frayed edges or having to turn the edges under. It goes quicker than fabric applique.
The pictures below show a way to use a lipstick case as a  holder for bobbins of different colored threads. Add this to your applique travel kit. The lipstick case was bought at a Dollar Store.


When I have more time I might play with using wool in place of fabric on a fabric applique pattern. It's a thought. Has anyone tried this?
Thanks for visiting. I will now move on to getting my tax records in order for our CPA. Yuck! I'd rather be quilting.