Apr 9, 2011

" Placemat Purse " Fun and Easy

Here's a quick project. I purchased this quilted placemat at a Walmart department store for $ 4.00. To make the purse set the placemat on a table with your choice of the right side facing down and the rectangle vertical. Fold the bottom up to one third from the top as shown in the photo below. The arrows are to show where the bottom edge of the placemat is after the fold.
NOTE: The fold dimensions are approximate. Depending on your placemat design you may want the fold shorter or longer. Sew the side edges together. Add Velcro as shown. Another option is to use snaps for closures.
Fold the top down. The photo below shows the finished project. Try experimenting with handles from a craft store, or add fabric straps. To keep it simple leave it as is. A clutch purse.

This makes a great gift. Something to think about. Why not make one and fill it with goodies for a special some one as a thank you.