Aug 9, 2009

Applique' Hints and More

Over time through experiance we all learn little helpful hints or have read techniques that make life a little easier. Here are a few of my favorites I'd like to share with you.
(1) When using paper-backed fusible webbing have you ever had part of the webbing stick to the fabric and part of it stays with the paper? Well I've found that happens when I don't wait long enough for the pressed unit to cool before removing the paper.
(2) When layering different pieces of an applique' I use what I call iron basting. First apply the fusible webbing to the back of your fabric as instructed then cut out the fused images. Remove the paper. Place the first fused piece on your background and touch the tip of the iron to it. This holds it in place. Layer the next piece where needed and touch it with the tip of the iron. Continue with this method until all pieces are layered and in place. Now fuse all permanently.
(3) When you need to baste why not use fusible webbing instead. Just cut little snippets of webbing and place them randomly between pieces that need to be basted together. Press to fuse pieces together. Use this in place of thread basting.
(4) Have you ever tried combining different fabrics to create an appliqued piece? For example if you were making a flower pot with flowers in it. The pot and background can be from cotton fabric. Create stems with narrow rick rack, binding, or use a straight line stitch with green thread. The flowers can be from wool or felt. This makes them look dimensional and theres no need to finish the edges as wool doesn't fray.
Part of the fun for me is playing with creativity.
Try it!
Thanks for visiting.

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