Sep 20, 2009

Rotary Cutting Hints.

While cutting fabric for my newest design I had a couple of things happen to me.
1- After cutting a strip I had a jagged edge.
2- After cutting a strip I had a slanted edge.
Now for the reasons. When cutting fabric I concentrate on the measurements I need and the quantity of strips needed per color. I find that I don't pay attention to how I'm holding the rotary cutter.
Solutions to the problems for number:
1- The rotary cutter is dragging. I'm not holding the cutter handle high enough so that just the blade runs across the fabric.
2- I'm holding the cutter at a slight angle.
Now for the good news. At least I didn't blame it on the blade being dull. It could have been expensive changing them more often than needed.
I'm hoping I'm not unique and that there will be others that benefit from these hints.
Enjoy the day. Thanks for visiting.

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