May 29, 2010

Great Quilting Tips

The following tips are some that I've collected over the years. These are from many sources such as books, the internet, or my quilting buddies. I would like to thank all that share their tips with others.
1- Take your favorite quilt book to an office supply store, like Staples, and have them put a
spiral binding on it. It's great to be able to open it flat or fold it back. Last time I did it the cost
was less than $3.00.
2- If you have to remove stitches and some holes remain dampen a Q-tip with warm water and
rub it over the holes. Watch them disappear.
3- To keep thread from tangling around pins while appliquing pin from the wrong side of your
4- Cut and piece one practice block before cutting fabric for the entire pattern.
5- Use the color code on fabric selvedges to coordinate your colors.
6- Store glue sticks in the refrigerater. This keeps them firm and they last longer.
7- Instead of cliping curves use Pinking Shears to trim them.
8- Use a music stand to hold your instructions. I found one at a garage sale.
9- Attach a towel rack behind a bedroom door. Fold your quilt over it when not in use. I must
confess this works better with smaller sizes such as twins. I use my rack to hold my queen
size chenille bedspread. It's not as bulky as a quilt.
I've ran out of tips so I'll close for now. If you would like to share some of your tips contact me at I promise not to put you on a list or keep your email on file.
Till next time,

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