Oct 7, 2010

A Quilter's Experience

I've decided to squeal on myself. I'm in the midst of designing a new quilt. I cut my fabric and sewed 16 blocks before I realized I made a mistake. Wrong dimensions on a corner piece. I wont bore you with details but I did it on all 16 not just one before I caught it. The waste of fabric doesn't make me happy. The good news is all it takes is a seam ripper and a little time to reverse what I did. The lesson here is to remember the important hints such as; try one block before cutting all the fabric requirements and sewing a multiple of blocks. The seam ripper is a handy tool. I saw the neatest way to use one in a magazine once.  Just stick a small seam ripper in a spool of thread as shown in the picture below.  Great for cutting loose thread ends if your doing hand work, cutting thread from the spool it's in or using it by your machine. I wish I could remember which magazine I saw it in so I could give them credit.
Well now that I've taken a break I'm ready to tackle the sewing again. By the way I need to make a total of 64 blocks for this pattern. Sixteen blocks with errors doesn't sound so bad. Life is good.
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