Sep 23, 2013

Quick Christmas Ornaments

I found these at a thrift store. I was so excited as they're made with thin cotton batting. Differant shapes can be found in coloring books, Google Christmas shapes, or use cookie cutters. They measure as follows.
Heart: 3" wide by 2-3/4" high
Mitt: 1-3/4" wide by 2-3/4" high
Bird: 3-3/4" by 2" high
Stocking: 2-1/4" wide by 2-1/2" high
How to make them? Well first find the shape you want. Trace the shape onto a piece of template plastic and cut out on the traced line. Trace the image on a piece of batting. Repeat as you'll need two of the same shape. Cut the shapes on the traced line. Layer the two shapes together. With colored thread of choice blanket stitch around the outside of the image leaving an opening for stuffing. Stuff with cotton balls or fiber fill. It only takes a little stuffing as you don't want these too fat. Continue the blanket stitch to close the opening and finish the edge. Add a hanging loop and your done.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or leave a comment.
Happy quilting!

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