Oct 17, 2008

No More Wavy Quilt Borders.

The following instructions guide you on how to attach borders eliminating the waves or as some call them lettuce leaf edges.

STEP 1- Measure the width of your quilt top. This is your top and bottom border measurement.

STEP 2- Place a straight pin on the wrong side of one end of a border strip about 1 inch from the edge. Measuring from this pin place a second straight pin marking your border measurement. Fold border in half crosswise, matching pins, to find the center and mark it with a pin.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 with another border strip. These are the top and bottom borders.

STEP 3- Find the center of your quilt top by folding it in half and marking it with a pin.
With right sides together, and raw edges matching, pin the marked border to the top of your quilt matching the center pins and the side pins to the quilt edges. Sew the border on and press seams to the border. Using a rotary cutter and ruler cut the border even with the quilt top. Repeat for bottom border.

Repeat the above instructions to attach the side borders except your side border measurements on the quilt top will include the top and bottom borders. After these borders have been attached and pressed cut them even with the top and bottom borders using a rotary cutter and ruler.
This has worked for me.
Happy quilting, Joan

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