Nov 18, 2008

Mark your quilting design the easy way.

I'm back. I've been hiding in my sewing room creating new quilt patterns for an upcoming book. Heres another tip I'd like to share with you. I purchased a roll of examination paper from my local clinic. This paper is the type they use on examination tables. It's 18" wide. I cut the paper the same size as my border. Next I trace my quilting design onto the paper. Pin the traced design to your border and machine stitch on the traced lines. The last step. Tear the paper away. Works great for me. No marking the quilt and I don't have to piece the paper together. It's wide and long enough to accomadate any size quilt. Plus it's very reasonable. If you can't find a doctors office or clinic willing to sell a roll try a medical supply house. Try this on blocks too.
Have fun on your quilting journey.

1 comment:

  1. Our local newspaper sells the end of it's newsprint for a very reasonable price. It comes in 2 sizes. When the rolls are to short to make it worth their time at the beginning of the days run of the news. Those are the rolls I'm talking about.