Feb 9, 2010

Simple Applique Technique

In my last post I said I would have pictures of our annual Ajo quilt show. My friend took the pictures and will get them to me soon, I hope. I'll post them as soon as I get them.

For the following applique block you will need:
Two different color squares of fabric 7" x 7" each. I used pink and yellow.
One 6" square of light weight fusible webbing.
Instructions: Start by choosing an image for the center of your block. I used a star. Any simple image will do.
Trace the image on the paper side of the fusible webbing making sure it's centered as shown in the picture.
Center and fuse this image to the back side of one 7" square using an applique sheet to protect your iron. I used the pink square. Note: This will be your background color. See the picture below.
Cut the center of the image out being careful not to cut outside the traced line as shown below.

Remove the paper backing from the fusible web. Set your second 7" square facing up on your ironing board. Place the cut out (overlay) star square on top of this square right side facing up and edges even. Using an applique sheet press the two to fuse them together. Keeping the image centered trim the block to the desired size.
I like to machine buttonhole stitch around the image. I used black thread to show the stitching. I usually use the same color thread as the top fabric. In this case the pink.
This would be fun to try in different flower shapes. Or maybe different baby blocks with animal images. If you google "clip art images" or "easy images" you might find something to your liking to trace.
This is a quick and easy method. I don't have to worry about turning under points. I don't know that I'd recommend this for quilts that will be laundered often but for a wall hanging it would be great.
If something is confusing to you or if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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