Mar 14, 2014

Half-Square Triangle Sampler Part 5

Today brings us to blocks #7 and #8. Each block uses sixteen 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" Half-Square triangle units. Instructions for the Half-Square triangle units are in my February 14th post. As shown below block #7 uses three colors and #8 two colors.

                 Block #7                                                                                                    Block #8
Here's another way to use a block. I chose block #8 to make a baby quilt. Four blocks and a border create this quilt that measures approximately 32" x 32". The border in my sample measures 4" wide, finished. By using novelty print fabric or colors to match your decor this makes a great table topper.
 The following is a challenge for you. The quilt below shows a different version of block #8. See if you can figure out how I created the blocks.

I'm hoping you share some of your ideas and pictures of your samples with me. Please note, I do not add you to a list or pester you with email. I may respond once to acknowledge your message. I can be contacted at
Thanks again for joining me.
Stay tuned for blocks #9 and #10 next week.

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