Mar 21, 2014

Half-Square Triangle Sampler Part 6

Here are the last two blocks of the sampler pattern. Blocks #9 and #10. Each block uses sixteen 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" Half-Square triangle units. Instructions for the Half-Square triangle units are in my February 14th post.

                  Block #9                                                                                                   Block #10

Next week I will share the sashing and border instructions with you.
There are a number of extra blocks that can be made with Half-Square triangles. Below is a bonus block to play with.

                                                                           Bonus block

Here's some homework. :-) Why not make some extra units, lay them out on a table, and create a new block by twisting and turning them? Might be fun.
Till next week happy quilting.

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